Mission Statement

Immaculate Heart of Mary School is a Community of Faith in which school and parents join together in the formation and education of each child to achieve a balance of faith, character, and academic excellence.



We, the Faith Community of Immaculate Heart of Mary School, are committed to Jesus Christ, and therefore called by Him to minister in love to others.  We strive to provide a curriculum infused with a spirituality which nurtures openness, growth, the ability to adapt to change, and a gentleness and respect toward all God’s creation.


We challenge one another to be globally aware people and peacemakers who accept the poor of this world with a hospitality mirroring Gospel values.


We celebrate our diversity in an atmosphere of love and respect, where students esteem the dignity of their person and the value of all people and cultures.

Schoolwide Learning Expectations


Children of Faith and Morality 

·      Living the Gospel through prayer

·      Respecting all of God’s creation through action

·      Demonstrating values and virtues which exemplify our Catholic identity


Children of Citizenship and Community 

·      Living as model citizens ~ knowledgeable and accountable

·      Demonstrating exemplary social behavior

·      Serving others in our community

·      Protecting our environment


Children as Critical Thinkers 

·      Developing higher order thinking skills

·      Practicing conflict resolution skills

·      Connecting these skills and strategies with real life experiences


Children Practicing Good Communication 

·      Thinking before you speak

·      Listening attentively

·      Speaking, writing, and reading proficiently

·      Using technology competently and ethically


Children as Life-long Learners 

·      Becoming independent learners who strive to reach their full potential

·      Making informed decisions

·      Continuing to practice their faith into adulthood